Former NBA center Shawn Bradley paralyzed as a result of a bike accident.

by Julia
Shawn Bradley -

Shawn Bradley, a Former Dallas Mavericks player, got hit by a car while riding his bike. The incident left him paralyzed, as reported by his former team in January. According to the Mavericks’ statement, the car hit Shawn from behind on his way home, near St.George, Utah.

After the accident, he got admitted to the hospital for eight weeks and was also undergoing rehab. Shawn had to go through neck fusion surgery as the accident caused a traumatic injury in his spinal cord. He was a fantastic player with a height of 7 feet and 6 inches who had played 14 seasons in the NBA.

Shawn Bradley Accident Updates

The details of this accident were not revealed before, and neither does Shawn plan to issue any more updates in public about the same. The Maverick’s statement was reported today as they owed an explanation to the public about their player and his health condition.

Statements by Owner Of Maverick

Mark Cuban, the owner of Mavericks, expressed his gratitude and honour for Shawn, saying that he had been the most incredible and determined player who was indeed a fighter. He also expressed his grief for one of his greatest players after he heard about his accident. He wished him a speedy recovery on behalf of all the Maverick’s team, concluding that he will always be a part of their family.

Statement By Maverick’s General Manager

Donnie Nelson, general manager of Mavericks, also expressed that he was deeply shocked to hear the news of Shawn’s injury and sympathized with his family and him for his fast recovery. He also said that Shawn Bradley was among those gems who represented their organizations with every quality that should be there is a renowned player. He expressed his gratitude by remembering how Shawn proved his capabilities and became deserving to be known as a “Maverick for life”.

Advice by the Doctors

According to the doctor’s advice and statement, the struggle for his recovery is going too long and challenging; in fact, more difficult than playing a professional basketball match of his career. He needs to be patient and have faith in God as it’s the time for his preliminary test in front of the Almighty. He is advised to participate in all the physical therapies to cope up with the challenges of paraplegia.

Shawn Bradley: His Past And Present Life Situation

Shawn’s past life was worth remembering as he was said to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. He was also said to have worked in Australia as a missionary for around two years.

As stated by the Mavericks, Shawn is probably creating more awareness on the safety standards after his accident. Shawn is expected to get a speedy recovery with his beloved wife by his side all the time and his fantastic team of rehabilitation specialists along with family members who are now constant support to him in these challenging times.