The Importance of Eyeglasses And Signs You Need Glasses

by Julia

Our eyes are the organs that help us to see the world around us. It is a very sensitive organ and needs a lot of care. Many children are born with hereditary eye problems. Others develop difficulty in their sight during their lifetime. Conditions that affect our eyes are myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), the irregularly shaped cornea (astigmatism), and others. These conditions can cause our vision to get blurry, or trouble in understanding the objects that are at a particular distance. Wearing eyeglasses is vital to cure these conditions.

Why Eyeglasses?

In today’s world, people are always exposed to digital devices like mobile, laptop, PC, or the TV screen. Looking at the screen for long hours causes the blue light to strain the retina and result in blurry vision and irritation in the eye. Sometimes this exposure even leads to the development of some permanent problem and the eventual requirement of glasses.

Eyeglasses have the power to correct myopia, hyperopia, or other vision difficulties. They are also needed to protect the eyes from getting damaged by screen time. These glasses do not have refractive power but have a blue light filter. In today’s world, a large percentage of people depend on aided vision. Most people require bifocal lenses when they get old. These are called the reading lenses that have two rounded prisms put together in a lens. 

The eyeglasses adjust the focus on the retina to help see and read with clarity. They also protect the eyes from the UV rays of the sun. The eyes are protected from the horizontal glare of the sun by the polarized lenses. Wearing powerless glasses can help protect the eye from pollutants and straining light rays.  Moreover, handling and oxygenating contact lenses makes eyeglasses more user friendly.

Signs that You Need Glasses

Eyesight and its clarity keep on changing with age. No one has a perfect vision. However, there are definite signs that indicate that your sight has weakened. These are the signs when you should get a mandatory eye check-up and eventually eyeglasses:

  1. You might find difficulty in reading a book, even though it is close to your eye. A person might be at a distance from you, but you are having trouble recognizing his face. 
  2. You might feel that your vision has turned quite blurry while seeing an object nearby, faraway, or both.
  3. You might get frequent headaches or feel that your eye gets stressed in a short period. The muscles of the eyes work harder than the normal to make the cornea and the lens coordinate.
  4. Straight lines might appear distorted due to a wavy vision.
  5. You might have trouble focussing or understanding the words written on the screen while working on a computer. Reading the computer screen might have become a trouble for you. Whether your vision has become weak can be determined by following the 20-20-20 rule.


If you are having these problems, we advise you to immediately visit an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to get your eyes checked. Your naked eyes might need assistance for better vision. The doctor will check your eyes thoroughly for the visibility range and prescribe you the required lens power. Some of these problems might also arise due to diseases like cataracts or glaucoma that are highly treatable. For whatever reasons it might be, you will need eyeglasses in these cases.

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