Trip to Spa that Ended in Death, What Happened at the Atlanta-area Shootings?

by Julia
Atlanta-area -

The Atlanta-area experienced a massive shooting spree recently. Eight victims lost their lives in front of three different spas in the area. The killings took place randomly at places like Cherokee County and Gold Massage Spa.

The details about some victims of Atlanta-area are given here:

Hyun Jung Grant

Hyun Jung Grant is one of the victims who lost her life near the Gold Massage Spa. Randy Park, her son, announced and confirmed the news. According to him, Mrs Grant was a single mother of two children and was like Randy and his brother’s best friend. Randy went emotional as he said that he could understand the level of hate that is present in the world.

As per Randy and his brother’s present condition, both stay in the US guardian less as their entire family stays in South Korea.

Delaina Yaun

Delaina Yaun is another victim who was killed in the Atlanta shoot-out. Her husband confirmed the news. According to her husband, the couple was recently blessed with a baby girl. She was a family person who had immense love for her husband and daughter.

Toole, the husband, also added that the family is currently devastated and going through a deep mental trauma. He also added that this situation is not derived by them or anyone living in the country.

Present Condition of the Asian American Community

Several groups of activists in the Asian American community have protested as they condemned the issue. They have pointed out that the main reason for the hate is due to the outbreak of Covid-19 that originated in China.

They also know that the prominent contamination areas are the Asia Spas. However, that does not mean that someone should gun down the Asians so ruthlessly. In the current situation, any activist groups are collecting funds for the victims’ families.

They are also keen to get justice and taking legal support to and staying beside the devastated family.

The Mayor’s byte

As the Atlanta Police became concerned about the matter, they considered the incident as a robbery and confirmed that they had found three dead bodies. The Atlanta Police Headquarters said that they are concerned about the matter, and they were anxious for there might be more victims.

Suspects and custody in Atlanta-area Shooting Case

After observing the whole incident, the Atlanta Police has suspected and arrested a person named Robert Long. He is a 21 -year-old person who was reportedly heading towards Florida in the US to execute more shootings. The police consider it a big success as the timely arrest could restrict more killings in the country.

While the country mourns regarding the incident, a person named Eclairs Hernandez Ortiz has become one of the gun attacks survivors. Flora Gomez, his wife, confirmed that  Ortiz phoned her after the attacks and gave her the news of him getting shot. Yoseline Gomez, the 9-year old daughter of Ortiz, watched her father being loaded on the crime site’s ambulance.